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A New Beginning...

This one took me a little while to create – perhaps a bit too long – but I wanted to make sure it was just how I imagined it in my mind.

It carries a special meaning: it represents that moment in time, when the forces beyond our understanding present you with the most magical gift one could ever ask for – a gift of new life! The news came on Halloween, and so after eagerly awaiting for 9 months to meet our new addition to the family, our beloved baby boy graced us with his presence on a beautiful summer day of June 21st.

Entire family participated in the creation process of this piece. We took the kids to their first pumpkin farm, where we all carefully chose all the pumpkins seen in this image. After carving and photographing the pumpkins, I laid out and finalized the scene, which you are now looking at. I'm going to call this one "A new beginning".

We couldn't be happier!

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