I love design. I love design that’s backed by data even more. I find myself constantly interacting with various analytics products, and over the years have come to some firm beliefs and expectations, which many of the analytics products lack. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to put some of my thinking to use in a real life example.

I was asked by team Xamarin to re-imagine how users interact with mobile analytics, and to help them with the integration of these ideas into the existing design framework for the Microsoft Visual Studio’s (Mobile Center) 30M+ user base. Take a look by setting up a free account at visualstudio.com/vs/mobile-center.

Notable highlights:

• Challenged common design thinking when it comes to analytics and data.
• Re-imagined approach to understanding/analyzing data for a more engaging experience.
• Simplified workflows and interactions.
• Worked around, and integrated my designs into an existing front-end system.
• Collaborated with a small team of some of the most prominent designers who are currently ‘redesigning/redefining Microsoft’ as a whole.
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